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The Surfer’s ultra wide 3D nose and deep cut swallowtail offer effortless float on the deepest days. The progressive outline paired with POW 3BT™ guarantee powerful turns and astonishing edge hold. This board is truly beyond belief. Be the envy of the lift line on the spec’d up Ltd.
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What’s this board’s natural home? Full send in the park? Elbows down on the trails? Or chucking roosters somewhere off grid?





Softer snowboards are easier to press and won’t kick your ass if you make a mistake. Stiffer decks are more stable at speed and super responsive edge-to-edge. Choose your poison.




Min. FloatMax. Float

Maximum volume for surfy vibes in the pow, or a smaller surface area for nimble freestyle performance. This number is calculated with length, width, 3D shape and surface distribution.

Outline Shape


On our more freeride orientated boards the center base is at its most narrow and the uplift is at its highest this creates unparalleled float in pow super fast edge-to-edge transitioning.

Camber Profile

Medium Camber

Camber profiles are defined from low to high. Higher camber make for more dynamic boards that need to be ridden more aggressively to get maximum performance. Lower camber boards are smoother on lower speeds and in powder. All camber profiles run from nose to tail. higher is not always better...

3D Shape

3BT™ + Sidekick™

Combining the responsiveness of traditional tip-to-tail camber with the dynamic shaping properties of Triple Base Technology and the performance boosting Sidekick feature makes for a 3D snowboarding experience like no other.

Nose Sidebase Uplift


The gradual side base uplift in the nose determines how the board will behave on snow. most effected are the edge to edge performance and the uplift generated when riding powder.

Tail Sidebase Uplift


The gradual side base uplift in the tail determines how the board will behave on snow. Any amount of uplift brings all the benefits of Triple Base Technology making opur boards more versatile then others.


Tri-Ax Lamination

Our three-way fiberglass weave is light, strong and crazy responsive. We use this to beef up the flex pattern on our more aggressive boards.

Layup & Laminate

Carbon Stringers

Our tried and tested carbon layups. We deploy them in different areas to fine-tune the feel of each model.


Ultra Light Core

A 70/30 Paulownia and poplar blend that offers awesome strength to weight.


D.R.S.T. SuperTubes

Dual Radial Super Tubes, similar to DST but with four extra Super Tubes (six in total) running parallel to the board radius, delivering extra power to the edges.


Ultra Glide S

A premium, 7000-grade sintered base reserved for our high-end models. Packing more molecules into the P-tex means it’s super tough and hauls ass.


Solid Walls

We use tried and trusted ABS sidewalls for most of the collection. For the best flex to strength ratio.

Layup & Laminate

Pre-Cured Carbon Stringers

Precured carbon offers even livelier rebound than our regular stringers. We use it to stiffen the tail and improve drive through turns on performance boards like the Surfer.

At the heart of every Bataleon is a combination of 3BT™ and positive camber. It’s an innovative solution to the profile puzzle that minimizes the potential for edge-catch without sacrificing ollie power or carving performance. From this starting point, we fine-tune each element according to the boards desired riding style.

SideKick™ builds on the concept of Triple Base by increasing the sidebase uplift just outside the widest points of the nose and tail. The tips become more like a hull, boosting float in deep snow and slicing through crud. It also helps the board to roll quickly and evenly from edge to edge.

Supertubes™ are hollow carbon cylinders that are inserted directly into the core. They reinforce the camber, reduce weight and greatly increase pop. By varying their location we can fine-tune the board’s performance further.

AirRide™ is an additive we include within the woodcore of select models, which dampens vibrations and makes riding smoother at high speeds. It’s like having a suspension system in your snowboard.

Length (cm)



Effective Edge (cm)



Waist Width (cm)



Tip/Tail Width (cm)

32.2 / 29.3

32.7 / 29.9

Sidecut Radius (m)






Min/Max Stance (cm)



Min/Max Stance (in)



Length (cm)



Weight Recommendation (Kg)



Weight Recommendation (Lbs)



Boot Size (EU)



Boot Size (cm/mondo)



Boot Size (US)



Boot Size (UK)



Surfer Ltd


Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Timothy Pike
Throw some snow! Keep your knees bent and loose though..

The design is phenomenal in pow both light and heavy and slush. Carves really well and get freestylie on it! It ollies well. Only complaint is bump, rut, and icy rough snow will feed back bad through the board. Please fix the dampening Bataleon! On 21-22 model same as this years..

Richard Cederstrom
Old school to new school

I recently got back into snowboarding with my original Winterstick. (I've actually been surfing all my life) It's been fun, still works great. After looking through models and buying a cheap roundtail, I got the Surfer 159. I still do it the same way, backcountry with my original ice climbing pack and gaters (REI, the only tech equipment at the time,), hiking boots and small snowshoes. I'm no star, but this board is just great. Wonderful upgrade. Floats nice and fast with some stability on the turns. Very interesting the way the triple concave nose spoon eases initiation of turns

Surfer review

The Bataleon Surfer snowboard is an exceptional board that is designed to take your riding experience to the next level. This board is built with a directional shape and a setback stance that makes it perfect for carving and cruising through the mountain.

One of the standout features of the Bataleon Surfer snowboard is the Triple Base Technology (3BT) that it is built with. This technology provides a unique edge feel that ensures a more stable ride and better control on the slopes. With the 3BT, you can expect to have a smooth, effortless ride that makes it easy to turn and maneuver around the mountain.

The Bataleon Surfer snowboard is also built with a lightweight wood core that provides a snappy and responsive feel. This, combined with the 3BT, allows you to effortlessly glide through the snow and take on any terrain with ease.

The board's sintered base is also worth mentioning. This base is known for its durability and speed, allowing you to pick up speed and maintain it throughout your ride.

Overall, the Bataleon Surfer snowboard is a great option for anyone who wants a board that can handle any terrain and provide an exceptional riding experience. Its innovative design and technologies make it a top choice for snowboarders of all skill levels.

Best powder board in the universe

Been riding the surfer this season in some very good powder and it is by far the best board to do it!!!! It moves effortless with great control in the deepest conditions. The technology is great and also helps you go through more challenging terrain.....

nick walker

This board save me. Backstory... I'm a snowboard instructor. I spend a ton of time riding on all sorts of boards. I picked up this board half way into the season but didn't get a chance to ride it right away. I had the day off on a perfect 20+ in. Pow Day, which was a perfect opportunity. This board rips, effortless float, race car fast (crazy fast), and carves like a surfboard. It really feels like surfing. I pow surf quite a bit and this board is the closest I have gotten to that feeling on a snowboard. Now I said this board saved me... The first day I rode it was also the last. I hit a tree at the end of the day. (My fault not the board) The board took the impact and broken between the bindings, saving my broke ass. I will be buying another Surfer, it's worth it. Such a blast.