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Vanni Bombonato

Love the board, stiff the right way, super fast, never carved as good!

Getaway Bag
kevin anderson
Sick Bag!

Yah, this bag is super thick and durable waterproof material. I like the shoulder strap, hook loops, and the drain hole in it. Its the perfect bag for a day or weekend board trip. I would recommend for sure.

Evil Twin
Rodrigo Freire
Sick Board

Just buy it!

Soft white slasher

Riding for 20yrs and this was my first TBT. Honestly took me 2 days on mountain to really get it dialed but once I did *chefs kiss*. I’m 5-10, 190lbs on the 159cm. It’s fast. So fast you can straight line it into the resort parking lot. It’s got not 1 but 2 edges: soft bumps lets you waft betwixt the trees like Ali on a pot farm, hard kicks give consistent edge grabbing knuckle drags. Flexy enough for light butters with toast, stiff enough to keep you pointed. Stoopid light for the flat 360°z. Only drawback: camber “walking” the board is hella slippery because of how the edges flip up. Then again...walkin just means you weren’t goin fast enough, amirte?

Great sweater and cool

Great looking sweater. Pretty nice snowproof. It is not waterproof. It is a comfortable sweater and have 2 layers.


Branden Torres

Board looks great can’t wait to hit the slopes

Global Warmer Ltd.
zhangluxi PWNDVO
loved it!

probably one of the best all mountain/park board ever. and lovely shopping experiences.

Chest Vest
Michael Tutt
Works well!

Great vest. Unisex size. So a bit big for women. Overall, great vest with pockets inside and outside which is always a bonus . The look is great the collar is large and protects against the wind. Bataleon makes good quality items all around I just wish they would be more clear on clothing sizing.

Chest Vest
Michael Tutt
Works great!

Great vest . Unisex size. So a bit big for women. Overall, great vest with pockets inside and outside. That’s always a bonus . The look is great, the collar is large and protects against the wind. All bataleon items are well made, I just wish bataleon will be more clear on the sizing of their clothes.

smashin' board!

this thing absolutely rips I feel super confident in my riding, turns like a beauty and it's catch free. definitely feel that 3bt when you're carving, performs great in ice too. and the decal is just killer

Glen Springstead
My second Bataleon

Just received a Boss 156W to replace a 20/21 Evil Twin 159W. It arrived after our snow season in New York had ended, so this review is solely based on looks and my experiences with my Evil Twin, which I loved. I will follow up next season, but the people at Bataleon were amazing helping me out with my warranty, and getting me hooked up with this beauty. The board shape is identical to the ET, but the Boss has a more aggressive camber profile, and is noticeably stiffer. Can't wait to shred it. Thanks again Bataleon!

Global Warmer
Huy Ngo
The most fun board i ever had

The board is really light. Its flex is fun. Bataleon 3bt is way too awesome. I have not had catch edge on my jumps.

She W Ltd.
luxizhang PWNDVO
love the graphic

This is my second bataleon snowboard, loved the first one, and decided to buy this LTD version, love the graphic indeed.

Tony Nguyen
Best Board

The stuntwood is a big upgrade from my burton stiff board. I am 5'3" so it was nice being able to buy basically a smaller evil twin for cheap. The board is flexible enough to do presses. The camber feel was crazy. I went to mammoth and clocked in at 57 mph for my top speed with crazy control going down top speed. While it was flexible, it was still stiff enough for the park. I personally weigh 150 lbs so it is out of the weight range for this board but so far I havent had any issues with it.

Wayne Paisley
Super playful

Love how playful the board is! Very catch-free but you can still carve a mean trench; poppy but has the right flex for goofing off. I'm not a skull fan but that's what stickers are for!

Evil Twin
Great board!

You won’t be disappointed with this board!

Evil Twin
Dimitri Anistratov
Evil twin

Fast shipping and excellent customer experience

Global Warmer
Christian Alvin
Killing the park!

I’m in love with bataleon snowboards, probably not switching to anything else! I’ve had the bataleon fun kink (super fun board), but the global warmer is on another level! So playful, flexy and such a cool shape. TBT is amazing as well, saves me from catching edges all the time! People are complementing my board all the time as well:) Get this board if you want a flexy, playful park board!

Evil Twin Ltd
Jie-Yu Lee
Super fun and versatile

After riding my friend’s evil twin, I can’t help buy mine. 3BT leads me into a new world!! The camber profile and flex are just in the sweet spot where I can not only do tricks very easily but also give me confidence going all terrains. What I love this board the most is its catch-free feeling but it does really quick edge transition and locks in when needed. Not to mention the graphics design, that makes this board shine in the resort. If you are considering to get a new board, that must be evil twin!!!

Getaway Bag
Patawee Srirungruangjit
Board bag

It is a amazing board bag. Nice design snd easy to use. I love it.

Global Warmer Ltd.
zhangluxi PWNDVO
Best board ever

Gift for my husband, loved it! length and width runs perfect for him, love the graphic especially. I also bought she W for myself,looking forward for the board.

Global Warmer
Super fun board

This board is super fun! Great for park. Solid on rails and jumps. Great flex butters and presses! All round fun

Cody Meddaugh
A board for progressing and shredding. Destroy everything!

I bought this board at the end of the season. I shut down the last 2 days of the season at Carinthia on this deck. Took 1 run to fall in love with the 3BT. Butters and presses are effortless. Catching an edge is almost impossible. Not only was this the most fun I ever had buttering and jibbing on this deck but it just sends! You pop and boost much further on this thing and it feels feather light! Handles big booters with ease! Which I was surprised because it’s so soft. This is the perfect board not only for park rats and huck monsters but it’s just fun to cruise on and use the mountain as your skatepark. If you’re sleeping on this deck put the gravity bong down and just pick one up. You won’t regret it.

Awesome board! Came from a slightly stiffer, almost all mountain park board, and instantly fell in love with the global warmer after one run through the park.