Camel Two Gimbal God

Camel Two Gimbal God

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You’ve seen his shots, now you can ride his board. Spencer Whiting AKA Gimbal God is known for riding and filming with the best snowboarders in the world and he does it all on Bataleon boards and bindings. This limited edition Camel Two designed by Gimbal God is the perfect weapon to carve up the mountain.
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What’s this board’s natural home? Full send in the park? Elbows down on the trails? Or chucking roosters somewhere off grid?





Softer snowboards are easier to press and won’t kick your ass if you make a mistake. Stiffer decks are more stable at speed and super responsive edge-to-edge. Choose your poison.


Tri-Ax Lamination

Our three-way fiberglass weave is light, strong and crazy responsive. We use this to beef up the flex pattern on our more aggressive boards.


Light Core

50/50 Paulownia and poplar creates a balanced core that’s lively yet strong.


D.S.T. SuperTubes

Dual Super Tubes, a Super Tube on either side of the board enhances pop and gives the camber more snap.


Ultra Glide S

A premium, 7000-grade sintered base reserved for our high-end models. Packing more molecules into the P-tex means it’s super tough and hauls ass.


Solid Walls

We use tried and trusted ABS sidewalls for most of the collection. For the best flex to strength ratio.

Layup & Laminate

Carbon Stringers

Our tried and tested carbon layups. We deploy them in different areas to fine-tune the feel of each model.

Supertubes™ are hollow carbon cylinders that are inserted directly into the core. They reinforce the camber, reduce weight and greatly increase pop. By varying their location we can fine-tune the board’s performance further.

At the heart of every Bataleon is a combination of 3BT™ and positive camber. It’s an innovative solution to the profile puzzle that minimizes the potential for edge-catch without sacrificing ollie power or carving performance. From this starting point, we fine-tune each element according to the boards desired riding style.

SideKick™ builds on the concept of Triple Base by increasing the sidebase uplift just outside the widest points of the nose and tail. The tips become more like a hull, boosting float in deep snow and slicing through crud. It also helps the board to roll quickly and evenly from edge to edge.

Length (cm)




Effective Edge (cm)




Waist Width (cm)




Tip/Tail Width (cm)

30.6 / 28.6

31.1 / 29.1

31.6 / 29.6

Sidecut Radius (m)




Setback (cm)








Min/Max Stance (cm)




Min/Max Stance (in)




Length (cm)




Weight Recommendation (Kg)




Weight Recommendation (Lbs)




Boot Size (EU)




Boot Size (cm/mondo)




Boot Size (US)




Boot Size (UK)




Camel Two Gimbal God


Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Brandon lauzon
Love it

Perfect for powday & backcountry !!

Lauren Moore

Best snowboard I've ever ridden in my life!

Floats on top of the pow. Heavy. It's indestructible. A tank.

I wanna heli drop one day with this board. I have a lot of respect for whomever created this board!!

Thank you for the radical winter season.

Layne Whitaker
This board doesn't miss! Stoked!!

I bought this board as a pow cruiser with no other expectations, and boy did it deliver.

This board floats on pow and has a likeness to surfing when in deep pow. Im 6'3'' 190 lbs and the 157 has been perfect. While I like wide boards and I considered this one to be on the narrow side (especially towards the tail) , the heel and toe edge hold on groomers was remarkable. I felt very confident at high speeds even with a little bit of toe/ heel hang.

I rode this board for 6 days straight after purchasing it, in all conditions (2ft powder, groomers, park, ice, etc) and it delivered.

I love the 3D shape as its more playful and forgiving of bumpy terrain and whatever you might find hiding under the snow. (east coast pow days are fun).
It was a blast to ride in the trees, navigated well, and was responsive to input.

As far as all around mountain, this board has just enough engineering thought out in all the right places to make every condition enjoyable. The tail is a bit softer than most boards but the camber keeps the pop solid. The nose is stiff and fights through the chop and chunder, its a very stable board through uneven terrain and at high speed. Great for medium arc carves, pumping turns, and just flowing while on the mountain. Riding switch is a pretty comfortable experience as well depending on your stance and setback.

After riding this board in the park, I'm convinced it may be my new go-to board. The nose is stiff which makes for fun butters and presses that you can really lay in to. The tail is a bit softer and great for that skate-y feel.

The torsional properties of this board are great for spinning out of rails, it seems this board has a softer center which allows for a nice cross-lock between feet when on round rails/tubes. Jumps feel comfortable at high speeds, spinning off jumps feels damn good. The 3D base offers a bit of confidence of not catching an edge while going off the lip.

Id say this is a great powder board, a pretty solid all-mountain board; and if you're into it, a pretty sick park board.

Only downside with my Bataleons is that the top sheet may ever so slightly peel up around the edges when you hit stuff, but it is a snowboard after all, its meant to get used!! I just trim it with a razor and keep on livin man!

Cheers Bataleon crew and future owners of the Camel Two!

Tyson Smith
Good Quiver Addition

Purchased 157 Gimbal God edition (which I believe only difference is triax rather than biax fiberglass for slightly stiffer flex). I am 5'11" and 175lbs. Normally ride twin/park boards so this was an intro for me to a wider and stiffer board, as well as directional and tapered. I also purchased a regular party wave and was somewhat nervous they would have too much overlap but they ride completely different. This being much stiffer, it rides kind of like a Cadillac. The board itself is significantly heavier than my others (which makes some sense because most are 154 length and not as wide but even with that in consideration this thing is heavy). It is slow to initiate turns but feels amazing for medium to large carves and really sinks in when on edge. It is also real stable at high speed with minimal chatter. Very fun to ride groomers on. I am not the most advanced freestyle rider but found this one quite challenging to spin on. I'm capable riding switch and it does the trick for cruising a bit after a 180 but is definitely kind of awkward. On other boards I can comfortably spin all variations of 180s and 360s off medium park jumps/decent side hits and rollers, but on this beast I struggled. However this season I only got 2 days on it so maybe with some practice I get better. At any rate it is more the type of board to take out on soft groomer and fresh snow days. In my quiver of 4 boards (party wave, this, wired devun walsh twin, yes greats) it definitely suits a unique need. Construction also seems noticeably better than my party wave which is 2 years older than this 22/23 GG C2. It has a very solid and high end feel to the finish. I even had the worst rock hit of my life on it on the very first day. Once I realized how gnarled the rock was and how unfortunately hard I had hit it, my heart sank because I figured for sure I had a deep core shot or would have torn the heel edge off. Amazingly, the base was strong enough that it was just kind of a deep gash that I filled with ptex and there was no damage to the edge even though it got hit hard as well, just some small burrs. As others have mentioned it is not the best on ice but handles better than I had expected. And of course the 3BT is a real treat in deep snow, I was fortunate enough to take it out on a day with 8" or so of fresh snow.

Fun board but delaminated :(

I picked this up as my first board from Bataleon and have had a blast with it! This thing eats up powder days and really anything you throw at it. The reason for the 3 star review is that the board delaminated within 4 months of ownership (25 days) and Bataleon declined to warranty the board. They have offered a 35% discount but I am hesitant to pull on another board after this experience.