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157cm Whatever

A terrific board, I took it on a trip to Andorra and got a lucky powder day. Board went really well in powder and felt nice and floaty. It also excelled in normal resort conditions and carved on groomers and slush alike. A great one quiver board with a surfy feel in powder. As the names suggests, it will work in Whatever the conditions.

Very satisfied with my bindings carving and flow in pow is really remarkable

An amazing do-it-all board

The first board I own after riding demos for years — I couldn’t be happier with my choice and couldn’t recommend this board more!

I don’t live near a mountain so needed an all mountain board for all conditions. Verdict is I’ve ridden it all season so far across North America in a variety of conditions (from 12” of fresh powder to a literal ice sheet) and it hasn’t failed to be an absolute joy to ride.

It’s playful and comfortable on switch/for the beginner piste tricks I can do. Riding powder is a dream on it. I don’t have to use the backseat inserts/can’t anyway with my binding setup.

It’s somehow also very stable despite being so playful: I’m more confident in picking up speed + it holds its speed very well on flats (I glide past everyone now). Generally it’s made me more confident off-piste / on uneven terrain. I’d like to attribute my progression to steeper terrain to the confidence this board gives me too!

Not to mention the design happens to be super sick!

I agree with another reviewer that it’s great for intermediate+ / someone who wants a board that’s basically a master of all trades. I’ve yet to come up with a complaint about it.

Fun Board for everything

great for park too! for a person with big feet the best board for me so far


Had been struggling a whole season with toe side turns and edge changes without catching an edge…

I first got the Fun.Kink 21 and my riding improved tremendously over three days. As fun that board is, 21 has a slower base. Wanted a faster board to deal with long flats and traverses to keep up with skiers , so tried the Camel Two.

Best decision ever.

Between FK and C2 I’ve got myself covered for a few seasons of fun and progression.

Dustin Jahn

So far this board has really been a great fit for me . Coming from a 157 fun.kink I wanted something a bit stiffer with the ability to take it out on deep days ! Ripping it around with the kid carving and slashing the whole mountain was super fun and this thing slays deep pow!

Blaster Asymwrap
Dustin Jahn

Great bindings for freestyle focus on the whole mountain. Paired really well with the cruiser ! So many options to customize size and feel!!! Aux straps are definitely my favorite now

Evil Twin +
Alex Reuillard
Extremely fun and playful board!

6'3" 240lbs 159W Evil Twin + >>>Don't let the youtube reviews fool you, this board is very flexible and poppy at the same time. I have seen reviews saying this board is stiff and not as playful as the OG Evil Twin. This in my opinion is completely not true. It is the most flexible board I have ever owned and at the same time has the same amount of pop as my much stiffer Burton FreeThinker. It takes some time to get use to the 3BT but once you do it is a blast. This board locks into rails, jibs like no other and pops off jumps like it was a stiff carbon board. Not sure how that got the crazy flex and pop at the same time but they did it. I have had this board in a foot of powder, on groomers, in the park and a little bit of ice. I would say that it doesn't perform as well as my Lib Techs do on ice because it lacks that edge bite but you can still do it if you need to. You do feel more under your feet when riding fast, or over chunks and chunder, but that is to be expected from a playful board like this one. This is the board for someone who loves to make the whole mount and parks their playground. If you just like to bomb straight down trails or your always on ice this is probably not your best option. You can do those things but just know that it will not have the locked in feel and vibration dampening that you would want for that kind of riding. Over all probably the most fun and most versatile board I own. No complaints at all! Bonus was when I got the board and I noticed you can see the wood core through the semi transparent finish on the center of the board. I didn't see that in the pictures and it looks so awesome in person!

Party Wave
Andrew Harris
It does everything

This is arguably my new fav board. For how wide it is, it really doesn't have any drawbacks. I'm 6ft, 225lbs and even on the 157cm - it's still very versatile, despite being such a wide board. It did take a couple days to get used to but regardless, it's so good at everything. Deep pow is a dream and I still confidently take it into the park and hit jumps with it. Don't let the shape fool you either, it rides switch perfectly. I can do switch 1s and 3s on it.

I suggest it 100% if you're thinking about it. Now I'm thinking about the whatever for next season 🔥

Thunder Review

I've had this board for 5 or 6 riding sessions now and all I can say is I'm amazed by this thing. The board just floats on top of power making catching an edge almost non existent. Super happy with this board and would highly recommend .

Evil Twin

I used my 2023 evil twin Bataleon only like 15 times and the surface and bottom separated from the middle piece… i spent $600 and I can’t even get warranty on it and I had it for only 3 and a half months.. extremely disappointed

Really approachable carver!

So I picked this one to learn how to carve. 186cm height, 159cm board with Blaster bindings.
This is board transitions very well, it has enough pop for you to jump on the other edge while making a turn.
Is super stable on higher speeds but tends to drop the edge a little bit on the back foot which may be a problem on some black lanes but other than that carving with this board was a really pleasant experience.
Not to mention it was like that throught the entire day, even when the lanes got a little mouldy - it cuts straight through this kind of stuff. Only ice can proof a problem.
Bottom line, highly recommend for beginner carvers and other cruising enjoyers!

P.S. it goes on flat parts of the lane super smooth too!

Dan M

For reference :
I am 6’3, 190lbs and size 12.
Riding 159w with Rome katanas

Honestly one of the most fun playful boards I’ve ridden.

I’m an advanced rider. The 23 whatever looks amazing in person and the quality of the top sheet seems improved from some older bataleon / lobster decks.

I have about 15 days on it this season. My first 3 days ridding it at big white in BC, we got 18 inches of pow. I pushed this thing hard in out of bounds powder bowls, steep tight trees with knee deep pow and it really surprised me… the shape and 3BT really compensate for it being a true twin camber(the shape is directional but it rides like a twin) in powder. I put a half inch set back and had some very minor back leg fatigue after 5 hours of slashing and charging deeps. Impressive considering this is where this board would struggle in my mind.

Went out a couple more times on groomers with the wife. It’s a fun carver, but does get a bit of chatter at really high speeds (soft flex) but never where I felt out of control.. just feels lively under foot.

It did take me a couple attempts to get the hang of carving with 3BT .. that said, if you know how to carve and get the board on its side, it snaps edge to edge really nice and quick. It accelerates out of a carve pretty good… but 3BT is a bit weird at first and I washed out the first couple deep heel side carves I tried to push through my back foot out of the bottom of the carve. That said, it has a sweet spot that once your find it, it will spring you out of the carve with more speed. I wouldn’t suggest learning to carve on this board.. pretty easy to skid turns and it doesn’t lock a carve early (kinda floats into the edge if that makes sense) .

It has a shorter turn radius so I found it excelled in tight quick carves.., but you can definitely lay a trench if the conditions are right. The soft flex and lively camber make it really fun for moguls and trees.

Now the fun part. Freestyle: this board has a ver very easy to access pop. It wants to jump and ollie. I found it pretty stable for landings as well on medium to large jumps (biggest jumps I’m comfortable with are around 15-20). I’m not a BIG jumps kind of rider so if that’s what your looking for .. I’d suggest something a bit stiffer. It absolutely loves side hits and sketchy transitions (3BT lets you not be perfect on landings).

The flex and 3BT make this board so fun to press and butter. I was able to 360 nose roll really easy on first attempt and by the end of the day, felt comfortable buttering over rollers into 180s and Cabaleros. It’s very forgiving, so for me, it gives me confidence to play and try new tricks. It also board slides really well, hugging the feature nice without clapping. The nose press on bataleon boards is something everyone should feel.

Lastly, switch. It rides like a true twin honestly. I couldn’t tell any difference with the carve in either direction. Switch landings felt really good.

I would say it can be a quiver killer if you’re a resort rider that leans more to freestyle. It’s my daily driver, but I like a soft flex and don’t really dig charging down cliffs haha.

Evil Twin +
Awesome, but be careful

Fantastic board, but holy smokes are these bataleon boards fragile. Use caution in lift lines, at home, transporting, etc. After a few months this board has more wear and tear than other boards I’ve had for years.

Evil Twin +
James Croy

Fun all mountain destroyer

Camel Two Gimbal God
Bryan Spiegelhoff
Fun ride

Pretty stiff, good at speeds, good pop, floaty nose, loving the ride so far.

Super Awesome

I’m 178cm , 180lb, got camel two 153. Super stable with jump and landing, super smooth with small short turn and easy to get carving down. This will become my most love one. Highly recommend!!!

Anthony Harvey
Austrian Made Quality - Performance - Design

Bought this board in 164cm, for aggressive pow riding in BC Canada. It floats through champagne, nose stays up and board is responsive. Great Austrian-made board for little more than made in china stuff that you’ll want to replace.

Goliath +


Thunder Bolt
Luke Anderson
Shake and bake

As a rider who likes to go fast and maintain turning ability while doing so I can positively say this the fastest and most responsive board I have ever operated. This board handles like a sports car. Take it easy on your first couple laps as it gets around a turn faster than you think it will. This board will allow you to dig trench lines and euro carve while maintaining an insane speed.

If you’re a speed demon who appreciates the art of a good turn. This board is necessary.

Great do everything board, love it!

Party Wave Twin
Sean Whipkey
Crazy fun board!!

Decent rider here with experience on numerous boards. This is the only Bataleon I have ridden, but I am hooked on the 3D base shaping . I am 5'10, 200 lbs and went with the 153 cm. I really don't think I am missing the extra length I am used to. I have ridden on firm packed to boot deep pow days here in VT and I am very impressed with its versatility. I have been riding it more directional and stance one back from recommended. It is crazy how you cannot catch an edge.
Honestly, that is the thing that takes some time getting used to. Just send it and have fun! Awesome, fun, all around board. I may be trying to sell some boards!


Board is absolutely fantastic. Smooth board to ride with its profile