After ten years of producing Beyond Medals video projects, Tor Lundstrom and Kevin Backstrom have cemented their position in the industry. We’ve been working with Tor since day one and are proud to support Beyond Medals. We sat down with Tor recently to catch up, talk making movies, launching an outerwear brand and his plans for the future. 

What’s up Tor, how’s it going? There’s a lot going on these days it looks like.

Yo brother:) Just got back to Stockholm from the US movie tour. Been sleeping for 24h but back now haha.

How are things going with Beyond Medals? You are launching outerwear this year? That’s super exciting. How did that come about? 

I think it's going the right way! :) Yes super excited about launching our first outerwear line! Kevin and I have been working together with a great team to create the outerwear from scratch and we are proud of the end product. It has also been great to have the boys riding the samples all last season to get feedback and develop the end product. 

What can we expect from Bahamas? How has filming changed over the years? Is it different now as a producer/director than when you were younger?  

Well, back in the days Diggles did everything so we just had to snowboard and party, haha. When we are out there building jumps and filming it's not much different. For me it's more about setting up the project with sponsors, planning trips etc. The biggest job is Kevin's editing for sure. It has been amazing to see him develop into such a great editor so quickly. I’m very proud of him.


What inspires the Beyond Medals graphics? Your board is always one of the best looking boards in the collection. 

Thank you! It’s pretty random every year. We usually just talk about different ideas that could be cool and then Kevin designs a few different options. Then we send the designs back and forth to Danny at Bataleon until we are all stoked. With Kevin and Danny as the designers my job is pretty easy.

We had some good times on the premiere tours back in the day. Any good stories from this year?  Amazing times, so happy for all of the memories. 

There are some stories for sure but let's keep it to that.

How are you balancing being a pro snowboarder and working full time on the brand? 

It has been a bit awkward as I realy like doing both so much. I think this year I have been focusing more on making it happen with the brand as it has been a pretty heavy startup process with outerwear and a lot of new challenges to deal with. Now we have a great team and setup in place I will be able to focus more on snowboarding this coming season again. Just trying to have a good balance in between the two.


What do you have planned for this winter? Can we look forward to more Beyond Medals movies in the future? 

We will keep it going for sure. Until the wheels fall off :) Also Thanks to everyone at Bataleon for supporting me since day one. Amazing people and company to be a part of ❤️

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