KOMONO x Bataleon Goggles
KOMONO x Bataleon Goggles
KOMONO x Bataleon Goggles
KOMONO x Bataleon Goggles
KOMONO x Bataleon Goggles
KOMONO x Bataleon Goggles
KOMONO x Bataleon Goggles
KOMONO x Bataleon Goggles

KOMONO x Bataleon Goggles

The all-new and super limited KOMONO X Bataleon goggles. We collaborate with KOMONO on an updated version of their high-end snowboard goggles. KOMONO's mission is to offer the most premium products at an affordable price point. The revised version includes some brand-new features such as a frameless, removable magnetic lens system and the add-on of a contrast-enhancing lens to use on cloudy days. The goggle comes with 2 replaceable lenses and a bag to securely store it.


  • Frameless Lens
    This new frameless style is larger and can be worn over glasses.

  • Double Layered Polycarbonate Lens
    Top Layer: 100% UV Protection Cat. 3 Protection Inner Layer: Anti Fog Lens

  • Venting in Lens
    Extra vents on the lens will help air flow through the lens and avoid fogging.

  • Lightweight TPU Frame
    A lightweight , flexible frame that keeps its flexibility at low temperatures.

  • Triple layer Foam
    The combination of two different densities and a extra flocking layer enhance touch and functionality.

  • Venting in Frame
    Extra vents on the frame will help air flow through the goggle as you ride. Meaning it won't fog up.

  • Removable magnetic lens system
    The magnetic lens system allows you to replace your lens with ease. Yellow, contrast enhancing lens is included.

  • Double Buckle
    Two buckles allow easy adjustability on Helmet.

  • Velcro Patch
    Three different Patches allow the user to customize this goggle and change the style at any time.

  • Anti Slip Strap
    Anti slip ruber lining inside preventing goggle from slipping off the helmet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews


Awesome Goggles!

Very comfortable goggles and stylish. Great for people with glasses cause you can easily pop the lens off and adjust. Hope they come out with more lens colors for this goggle!

Best goggles I've had in a while

These never fog up and switching lenses is so easy I had no problem doing it on the lift up. The yellow lenses really make a huge difference when it's cloudy and dark. The smoky black lenses are perfect for blue bird days. 10/10 recommend. Can't wait to try some of the other tints

Stylish goggle

Really like the look of this goggle, especially the bright yellow color!
Comes with two lens, super easy to switch.

Great features!

Magnetics are strong and the design itself is gorgeous. Love the interchangeable lenses and are great for people who wear glasses.