Park and street destruction.

      The Disaster blends innovative tech with hard-as-nails construction for a jib deck that can attack anything in its path. It features our most relaxed camber and a soft flex so it feels chill on the run in and is easy to press, and even floats better than most other boards on the market thanks to the 3D SideKick tips, which means you can plunder some pow if the park’s snowed under.




        Softer snowboards are easier to press and won’t kick your ass if you make a mistake. Stiffer decks are more stable at speed and super responsive edge-to-edge. Choose your poison.



        Maximum volume for surfy vibes in the pow, or a smaller surface area for nimble freestyle performance. This number is calculated with length, width, 3D shape and surface distribution.



        What’s this board’s natural home? Full send in the park? Elbows down on the trails? Or chucking roosters somewhere off grid?


        Outline Shape


        Twin Outline


        3D Shape


        Twin 3BT™ + Sidekick™


        Sidebase Uplift

        Low Uplift

        Low Uplift

        Camber Profile


        Low Camber




        Our traditional and time tested two-way weave of fiberglass is light, strong and responsive; keeping the board snappy without adding torsional stiffness.


        Full poplar with beech hardwood laid tip to tail along the inserts strengthening the board’s backbone, reinforcing the inserts and producing more pop.

        Base Tech

        Not a basic extruded base. It has the highest molecular content available for an extruded base. That means it’s super slick, durable and maintenance-free.

        Shock Walls

        This is our Urethane infused sidewall technology. ShockWalls smooth out your ride and are more resistant to impact.


        Triple Base Technology™ is awesome. The lifted sidebase areas at the widest points of the board make a lot of sense. The boards turn smoother and faster and it helps when you are not completely clean on your landings.

        SideKick™ dramatically increases the sidebase uplift at the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation even smoother, increases float in powder and handling of the board in rough terrain.

        Disaster Specs

        Length (cm) 144 148 151 154 157 153W 156W
        Contact Length 106,7 cm 109,3 cm 111,9 cm 114,5 cm 117,1 cm 114 cm 116,6 cm
        Effective Edge 108,7 cm 111,3 cm 113,9 cm 116,5 cm 119,1 cm 116 cm 118,6 cm
        Waist Width 24,4 cm 24,6 cm 24,8 cm 25 cm 25,2 cm 26,6 cm 26,8 cm
        Tip/Tail Width 28.3/28.3 cm 28.4/28.4 cm 28.7/28.7 cm 29/29 cm 29.4/29.4 cm 30.9/30.9 cm 30.9/30.9 cm
        Sidecut Radius 7,4 m 7,5 m 7,6 m 7,7 m 7,8 m 7,7 m 7,8 m
        Setback (cm) 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm
        Inserts 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
        Min-Max Stance 50-58 cm 51-59 cm 52-60 cm 53-61 cm 54-62 cm 53-61 cm 54-62 cm
        Float Rating (0-100) 52 54 56 58 60 62 64
        Weight recommendation 52-67 kg / 114-147 lbs 56-71 kg / 123-156 lbs 61-81 kg / 134-178 lbs 66-86 kg / 145-189 lbs 72-92 kg / 158-202 lbs 64-84 kg / 141-185 lbs 70-90 kg / 154-198 lbs
        Shoe size (EU) 38 - 44 38 - 44 38 - 44 38 - 44 38 - 44 44.5+ 44.5+

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 27 reviews
        Fantastic Board

        After 2 days of riding with this board I am able to same this board rips. I was able to get into the park at Woodward copper and try this thing on both rails and jumps. I knew it would be good on rails but was surprised how well it handled jumps. It’s not the most stable board but it seemed like the small amount of camber is enough to keep it from feelings to sketchy on the landing. I was also able to get this board into some powder at keystone, the softness of the board helps keep the nose up so you don’t have to destroy your back leg. Handles groomers pretty well with good bite tho you will notice bumps and a little less stability in the nose from the 3D base. That being said the 3D base makes up for that with how catch free the board is.

        Amazing Board!

        I've owned many different brands over the years but I always come back to bataleon. Now with the 3bt tech they're unmatched when it comes to smooth soft but reactive riding. Bought the disaster 153w for this season and I'm stoked I did. Amazing reaction on rails and still tough enough to take bigger landings. 100/100

        Nick S
        First board

        After borrowing a friends board to learn on and doing some research I stumbled upon the disaster. With the 3bt it made it very forgiving to learn on and now on my 3rd season with the board I can press, butter, and it even holds up on the bigger jumps. If you’re just getting into park I’d seriously recommend it you can progress super fast with this board and honestly it’s a great do it all board. It holds up edge to edge carving and can even survive a fresh pow day. 10/10

        Bataleon disaster

        Such an amazing board, super flex and sturdy. I’m absolutely in love!!

        Most playful board I've been on

        I waited until I took the board out a few times before writing a review as I have read of the board breaking and other problems in other reviews... After my 3rd trip, this is my favorite board. I love the playfulness and even though the board is so flexible, I hadn't even got any chatter. If you are looking for a super playful board, this is the one. I highly recommend!!!

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