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The Future is 3D

For more than 18 years, Bataleon has led the industry in 3D shape technology. We’ve perfected our patented Triple Base Technology™, producing boards with traditional camber and lifted contact points, making snowboarding more enjoyable for all.

The Idea

We analyzed what happens when a snowboard is put under pressure – when you jam it into a powder bank or drive it through a transition. The answer is that it adapts its shape to the terrain. Triple Base Technology™ embraces this reality, creating a more efficient shape from the get-go. Just as the curved hull of a boat ploughs through the waves, or the wings of a plane are designed to slice through the air, 3BT™ is perfectly molded for the mountain environment.

The Shape

All our boards feature positive camber from tip to tail, combined with lifted contact points at the widest areas. This reduces the chance of edge catches while keeping the board feeling super lively. Through years of research, tinkering, and testing we have fine-tuned the way 3BT™ works alongside both the camber and the sidecut radii.


This season we are introducing our customizable bindings which only enhances your 3D experience. Regarless of your riding style or level we will have what you need to create the perfect complete snowboard.